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What We Do

We educate, coach, facilitate and help as you

 document, what you want to happen to your

body and assets in the event you can't speak for yourself!

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Learn about Family Matters documentation Service and its founder, Francine King.

Learn more about the documentation and counseling services provided by FMDS.

Learn more about upcoming workshops in your area and how you can sign up.

How It Works

We offer reasonable rates for our services

Simply select the type of service, such as

a virtual or mobile consultation, attend a

workshop, or sign-up for a course on how to do 

a specific completion of a document.

We'll help you to "Get It Done"!!!

Mobile Phone

Simply complete the contact me for info., or register for the service to set your appointment. You can also email us at 

familymattersdocumentationserv@gmail.com and we'll contact you!

We offer a valuable plan  for individuals

who want several of our services.  In this package, you will receive a multiple three-tier service bundle at one set price, including one digital/one-hour consult, one course/instruction, and one, one hour/mobile consultation.

Let's Get it Done! You decide whether a virtual consultation is best or if you would prefer that we meet in person.  Simply book the service that works best for you.


Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.


We at Family Matters Documentation services

are very humbly appreciative of everyone we've 

helped. We're looking forward to giving you the

quality service you deserve and hope you will share,

"They Got It Done!!"


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