Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Starting isn't always easy, but it's always necessary.

When I seek to accomplish a goal, first I grab hold of the

vision or truth be told, the vision grabs a hold of me.

I love a challenge. My very being is energized by embracing it.

Usually obstacles get in the way, whether it be time constraints,

people, finances, or just me, but still I'm determined to do

what has to be done. I've come to understand that the

enemy of my time is procrastination, but I've learned how

to conquer this beast. I simply put FIRST THINGS FIRST,

and truth be told the rest will follow and the end of a thing

will get done!!!

What's your FIRST? Completing a project? Writing a book?

Maybe making a fruit cobbler like your grandmother showed you.

Whatever it is, do it. Shake off that old hesitant procrastinating

game changer and start with the "FIRST THINGS FIRST"!

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