Updated: Feb 2

Today is the perfect time to work at my desk. The year 2020 was very memorable to say the least. It transformed this world and everyone in it, in ways that none of us would have ever

imagined. In January 2020 the "Family Matters Documentation Services" was beginning to act on the well laid plans of 2019. Hopeful that forthcoming clients would be helped by the services we had been providing since the year 2016. Awww, little did the Family Matters Documentation Services business realize it was going to have to pivot into the virtual world.

The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic happened about this time, a year ago and it's not over

is absolutely insane! But out of this horrific pandemic, I have found peace in this storm. I've come to see my family, neighbors, community and yes even the global world-at-large, find ways to live and work through these challenging times.

We at the Family Matters Documentation Services have adapted like many businesses. We realize that customers needed to switch from in-person business transactions to doing business virtually. Although it seemed like it was at warped speed, it actually took us all of the last 9-10 months to learn and get comfortable maneuvering ZOOM and all of the challenges that the virtual world dictates. Today what I know for certain is that hundreds of thousands of people are no long in this land of the living, but we who remain can be and must continue to be resilient. We've learned that wearing a mask, staying a safe distance from others and yes even living your best life by embracing "self Care", will carry us out of this pandemic.

As you go forward in 2021, just know that your well equipped to continue, with the hope that this to shall pass. Like the snow falling out of the sky, I know that the sun will shine again. Take it one day at a time, no sense in overwhelming ourselves, as the senior citizens always say, "yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be, but today is a present. Enjoy this journey and as we say at "FMDS", Let's Get It Done"!

It's February, what do you expect!

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